#Blogging Tools
Brad Pauly — January 12, 2013

After my last post about starting to blog again, I thought I’d share the tools I’m using to write and publish posts. My goal was to keep it as simple as possible. Write in markdown and publish html files.

I’m using Byword to write posts. Byword is a simple text editing program that integrates with dropbox. My posts are available anywhere I have Byword. The little script I wrote transforms the markdown files into html. Then I push them to a server with rsync. I use a simple naming convention to keep track of which files are ready to be published and which are still drafts. File names are the same, or at least very close to, as the title of the post. These are drafts. Once I’m ready to publish a post, I add the date to the beginning of the file. For example, when I started this post the file was named blogging-tools.md. When I wanted to publish it I changed the name to 2013-01-12-blogging-tools.md.

So far I’m happy with this setup. It is lightweight and has enabled me to focus on writing more posts.

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