#Hack it Together
Brad Pauly — January 4, 2013

I’ve been “trying” to re-start a blog on an off for a long time. I would eventually get hung up on “how” to blog. Should I build my own blogging engine? Should I just use Wordpress or tumblr? As a developer there is a strong urge to build your own, however, after more than a decade of building apps I am less inclined to do this. And yet that is exactly what I did. Why? Because it was fun and it doesn’t really matter.

Over the holidays I’ve been visiting family in Northern Michigan. Below is photo I took from the back deck of my mom’s house a few years ago. It is a very peaceful place and I’m always a little more relaxed when here.


So I decided to stop worrying about whether I was choosing to do it the “right” way and have some fun building my own. It didn’t matter if it worked or not so I just hacked together a script.

I probably spent more time than I needed to fiddling with the layout and fonts, but in the end I shipped it. That felt really good and it has motivated me. I’m already thinking about my next posts!

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